Focus on the Spring/Summer 2016 collection “True Romance” from BAARS EYEWEAR

The young rising brand of designer glasses has launched its Spring/Summer 2016 collection “True Romance” , inspired by the eponymous cult film from the 90s and the limited edition "Blue on Blue".

Eyewear brand Made in France, BAARS EYEWEAR was born from the meeting of two personalities and two complementary worlds: Guillame, Parisian designer and electronic music artist and Marc-Antoine, an optician from Annecy.

Inspired by "Less is More" Dieter Rams, designer for Braun, and attentive to the growing trend of buying less but of a higher quality than before, the brand symbolises products with clean, simple and robust lines that are worn by trendsetters in street wear chic culture.

The special feature of BAARS glasses lies in their patented magnetic hinge. Freed from screws, axes and of all fallible elements, it consists of a single element; the magnet. This unique system offers the advantage of better withstanding the strains of intensive use. More reliable and longer lasting, BAARS glasses avoid the most frequent causes of breakage for their wearers.

The 2016 collection complements that of Spring/Summer 2015: the most daring forms are grafted on to the basics created at the beginning of the brand.  The spirit remains, lifted by small eccentricities in the details.  Inspiration was partly drawn from the heart of True Romance, a cult film from the 90s. The iconic model from Spring/Summer 2016 is called "Alabama", a nod to the film's female lead.

This collection also marks the arrival of so-called combined frames that blend metal and acetate.

The limited edition "Blue on Blue". A way of anchoring and recognising the brand. These five models "Blue on Blue" are broken down and built the same way: a chic tortoiseshell in a sky blue colour for women and navy blue for men.

BAARS EYEWEAR is a French eyewear brand, born in 2014 of the meeting of Parisian designer and electronic music artist, Guillaume Thuau, and optician from Annecy, Marc-Antoine Rubaud. It is a reflection of two personalities and two complementary worlds. Bridging the cultural emulation of a capital city, and the tranquility of life by the banks of a lake.