Saraghina Eyewear launches the new mask models with revolutionary mirrored and flashed lenses

PRINCE OVERis the mask model characterized by the revolutionary contrasting mirrorings on uniform lens. All models are crossed by a nylon bar that gives resistance to the sunglasses and lightens its shape. Various shapes and original colour combinations make them absolutely identifiable and unique.

Prince Over is the maximum expression of the trend of the mask, which establishes a strong bond between fashion and design.

Retail price from 139 euros

The distinctiveness of the brand takes its shape thanks to the passionate care and precision of the made in Italy. This is why all models are entirely produced in Italy by specialized artisans who use first quality materials and components. Saraghina has a unique style, characterized by original shapes and courageouscolour combinations between frames and lenses. The brand embodies the seductive spirit of Rimini, “full of life” and carefree.